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Let Yoco Electric be your trusted, commercial electrician in the York, Pa area. Call us today at 717-741-3377 for reliable service.

Commercial Electric

Looking to hire an electrical company for your commercial project? Yoco Electric specializes in commercial electric services. If you are a remodeling or construction company looking for a new electrical company to use on your projects you can give us a call anytime. We have over 20 years of combined experience working, and successfully completing, commercial projects.

A skilled commercial electrician is a necessity for many businesses. In our opinion, a commercial electric project will require a much greater level of expertise compared to a typical residential electric repair. In addition the quality of service from your commercial electrician can directly increase profits for your business due to the overall function and aesthetics that come with skilled commercial electrical services.

Expert Installations and Repairs

Once you’ve made the decision to allow us to bid on your next commercial project we’ll prove to you that we are the true commercial electrical pros in York, Pa.

We Provide:

  • The latest information, tools and technology to make sure the project is completed successfully while following all safety procedures.
  • We are in the know about your business and industries specific electrical needs. After all, there are numerous codes and procedures from restaurant to retail, industrial facilities and more.
  • We perform work right the first time while keeping safety at the top of our priority list
  • We will protect your business by obtaining proper permits, inspections and approvals required.
  • We will provide up front pricing and explanations of our services, free of unexpected expenses and overtime charges.

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Yoco Electric has been performing the art of commercial electric since day one. We have the knowledge, experience, tools and technology to make sure we live up to your standards. Give us a call today at 717-741-3377!


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