Emergency & Exit Light Battery Testing and Replacement

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Looking for a local pro to test your emergency lights?

In most situations an emergency light is installed in businesses with a simple lighting device, which contains a small battery. The device is connected to the power supply of the building. Being connected to the building’s electrical and power supply will provide a constant charge to the battery.

If there is ever a power failure the lights are activated so that occupants can see to exit the building. However, most lights are only designed to work for 90 minutes on battery power.

Emergency Lights and Exit Sign Testing

Did you know that you are required by law to have a test regular exit and emergency lighting systems? It’s not worth it to ignore these requirements. Not taking action and testing your emergency exit lights can result in large fines and serious liabilities.

At YoCo Electric we are familiar with all of the codes and regulations and are ready to help you with all of your lighting regulations.

Reasons to test emergency and exit lights.

  • It’s the law
  • Avoid risky penalties
  • Avoid unnecessary fines
  • Keep the building personnel safe
  • Prevent serious liabilities

If you’re looking for a local pro to help with emergency and exit light battery testing “near me” or in the Central PA area give us a call today at (717) 741-3377. We’re ready to answer all of your emergency exit lighting questions. We serve all of the south central Pennsylvania counties and we are looking forward to hearing from you very soon.

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