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Looking to upgrading to LED Lighting in the York, Pa Area?

Are you thinking about upgrading the lighting in your facility or on your property? YoCo Electric, LLC specializes in LED retrofits. Give us a call today at (717) 741-3377.

What is an LED Retrofit Upgrade?

Retrofit is another word for “conversion”. In the case of lighting retrofitting means adding new LED technology which wasn’t part of the original construction. Most lighting retrofits today involve the use of LED lights.

Why Choose LED Lighting Retrofits?

LED lights are replacing the original lighting technology across a wide range of lighting purposes. LED lights are also useful for a wide range of purposes such as interior lighting, exterior lighting and much.

Will I Benefit from LED Lights?

  • Energy Efficiency – LED lights are much more efficient that traditional lighting.
  • Maintenance Costs – You’ll save a lot of money on recurring costs when it comes to both parts and labor.
  • Improved lighting quality – If more efficiency and less maintenance wasn’t enough, LED lights also have a better light quality than traditional lighting sources.

Things to Consider Before Starting an LED Retrofit

LED lights do work differently than most traditional lighting sources. For example:

  • The hardware for dimming the LED lights is typically not going to work with traditional lighting sources. You will need to install LED dimmers to go along with new bulbs.
  • If you are looking to keep your current fixtures then you are limited on the retrofit options. However, if you’re looking to replace the fixture and the bulbs then you’ll be able to choose from the most efficient LED lights on the market.


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