Utility & Telephone Pole Installation

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Looking for a local pro to maintain or install your telephone or utility pole near York, Pa?

Utility and telephone poles are a great way to distribute power and communication wiring for a reasonable cost. If you’re thinking about hiring a local pro to take care of your utility/telephone pole installation or maintenance please rest assured knowing that YoCo Electric has the experience and knowledge to handle all of your utility pole requests.

We are familiar with all of the regulations and procedures utility pole regulations and requirements and we will be sure that all personnel and your property are taking advantage of all safety requirements.

We also have the proper equipment to complete any utility pole job requirement. Our trucks have the ability to set some of the largest poles and we also have the ability to drill deep holes with a wide ranges of widths. Keep in mind we also offer parking lot lighting services in addition to utility pole installations.

Reasons to Install a Utility or Telephone Pole

  • Parking lot lighting bases
  • Billboards
  • Sports lighting
  • Signs
  • Telecommunications wiring
  • Electrical services
  • Power distribution

If you’re looking for a local pro to help install or maintain your telephone or utility pole “near me” or in the Central PA area give us a call today at (717) 741-3377. We’re ready to answer all of your telephone pole related questions. We serve all of the south central Pennsylvania counties and we are looking forward to hearing from you very soon.



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