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Are you dreaming of warming your feet with radiant floor heat? Are you looking for an electrical upgrade? Have a wiring problem? Please call the pros at Yoco Electric for professional electrical services in York, Pa. Our on-staff, licensed electricians are here to answer any problem you might have in your home! Take a look at our recent reviews!

We are the #1 residential electrician in York, Pa. If you are a homeowner who is looking for a local person you can trust give us a call now. We are ready to help you with your next electrical project regardless of the size. If you are looking to repair an outlet, or if you’re looking for a new panel upgrade we’re ready to take on the project.

Popular Energy Saving Electrical Updates for Your Home

There are many big-ticket, eco-friendly home improvements such as solar panel installations that are gaining in popularity. However, they rarely fit the budget of an average homeowner in the York, Pa area.

We suggest you make changes on a smaller scale that add up to big energy savings. Here are a few popular upgrades that can be performed by a professional electrician at Yoco Electric.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Installing a ceiling fan is one of the most cost-effective updates you can do to improve the energy efficiency of your heating and cooling systems. Regardless of your current heating and cooling system an appropriate size ceiling fan will cool your space during the hottest summer months at a low cost to you.

A ceiling fan will improve the airflow in your home meaning thermostats can be set to several degrees higher than usual and you will still feel comfortable. Ceiling fans can even help heat your home in the winter months when you set the fan to reverse. This pushes the warm air at the top of the room down to where it’s needed.

Updating and Adding Outlets

For a surprisingly low cost our electricians will install or update outlets in a matter of hours. We believe that outlets in your home make life easier for you and also make your home more attractive.

Outlet upgrades also provide an opportunity for electricians to better insulate the outlet boxes located inside the walls. After all, outlets on the exterior often were poorly insulated resulting in drafts. This is particularly common in older homes. This draft will require additional heating and cooling expenses.

Updating and Adding Switches

Adding dimmer switches to many of your homes lighting fixtures is a great way to save energy in your home. This feature will also add more flexibility in your home’s lighting options and will be more aesthetically pleasing.

Instead of traditional binary on/off switches, you can switch to a dimmer switch which allows homeowners to set lights based on a range of bright to dim settings. This means that you’ll never be using too much light at once.

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