Electrical Panel Service Upgrades

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Looking for a local pro to install a service panel upgrade in York, Pa

York and south central PA are flooded with older homes with outdates electrical panels. In many situations it’s time for these older homes to upgrade their electrical panels.

In case you are unaware, the electrical panel is the box that holds your circuit breakers and the fuses. This box receives power from your electrical company and this box will distribute the power to all of the circuits in your home.

The problem is that older electric panels may not be the safest or most efficient. Many old panels may not provide the best power for your needs resulting in flipped breakers or blown fuses.

In addition many older panels can also be unsafe. If your old panel doesn’t shut off the electric when the power is overloaded the result can be fire, melted wires, sparks and a shock hazard.

We can upgrade your panel to be sure your home is distributing the appropriate power as efficiently and safely as possible. We specialize in electrical panel upgrades and we’re standing by waiting to answer any questions.

Common reasons for a panel upgrade

  • Outdated Panel
  • Circuits always breaking
  • Fuses always blowing
  • Safety hazards
  • Panel fails to shut off

If you’re looking for a local pro to help you with a panel upgrade “near me” or in the Central PA area give us a call today at (717) 741-3377. We’re ready to answer all of your panel upgrade questions.

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