Landscape and Outdoor Lighting

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Looking for a local pro to install landscape or outdoor lighting in York, Pa

Landscape Lighting

One of the commonly most overlooked aspects of a professional landscape design is the lighting. We all know that proper landscape lighting can be the difference between an average landscape design and a breathtaking landscape design. While most people focus on how their landscape looks in the daytime, the best landscape projects focus on how your landscape will look in the night and the day!

At YoCo electric we are not landscaping professionals, but we are very experienced at making sure your landscape lighting is wired properly, is safe and is efficient.

Outdoor Lighting

In addition to landscape lighting one way to greatly improve the aesthetics of your home is to improve or to add outdoor lighting. This can be lights that are installed on your home to add the appropriate lighting and shadows to accent your homes architecture. This can also be adding wiring and lighting for your pool or hot tub.

Common reasons to outdoor and landscape lighting

  • Accent your homes architecture
  • Add lighting around your pool area
  • Increase lighting over top of your hottub.
  • Increase the visibility of your landscape design
  • Accent particular elements of your home
  • Provide safety and lighting to outdoor areas

If you’re looking for a local pro to help install outdoor or landscape lighting “near me” or in the Central PA area give us a call today at (717) 741-3377. We’re ready to answer all of your outdoor and landscape lighting questions.

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